CS231 Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition——Stanford
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Where is article comes from? An idea of a pornography detection project for ciscn 2021. And when searching on Google, I came accross a report from cs231n named Combining CNNs for detecting pornography in the absence of labeled training data. 历史介绍 人们提出一个问题:我们是否具备了识别真实世界中的每一

CS229 Machine Learning——Andrew Ng——Stanford
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1 Introduction what is machine learning supervised learning supervised learning regression problem predict a continuous valued output classification problem predict a discrete valued output SVM(Support Vector Machine) is a kind of generalized linear classification that classifies data by supervised learning unsupervised learning unsupervised learning Cluster Algorithm Google news Facebook friends 2. Linear Regression with One Variable 2.1 Model Representation Linear regression with one variable. Univariate linear regression. m —— the number of training examples